Astronomy Department Directory

This is the most recent directory for the Astronomy Department at University of Maryland, College Park. Full e-mail addresses are constructed by adding to the entry in the E-mail column. The area code for College Park is (301).

Links to department and personal webpages are provided if those pages exist. Department members who wish to create their pages may follow these instructions.

Tenured/Tenure-Track Faculty Lecturers

Adjunct and Visiting Profs Research and Specialized Faculty Postdocs and Faculty Assistants Graduate Students Staff

Student Workers Other

FAX Numbers

Tenured/Tenure-Track Faculty

Last, First Title E-mail Room Phone Website
Bolatto, AlbertoProfessorbolattoPSC 1158405-1521 dept page
Deming, L. DrakeProfessorddemingPSC 1116405-8053 dept page
Drake, JimDistinguished University 405-1471
Earl, JamesProfessor Emeritusjearl  dept page
Gezari, SuviAssociate ProfessorsuviPSC 1160405-6651 dept page
Hamilton, DouglasProfessordphamilPSC 1153405-1548 dept page
Harrington, J. PatrickProfessor EmeritusjphATL 0249 dept page
Harris, AndrewProfessor and ChairharrisPSC 1208D405-7531 dept page
Kempton, ElizaAssistant ProfessorekemptonPSC 1111405-3615 dept page
Miller, M. ColemanProfessor and Graduate Director and CTC Director and and JSI co-DirectormillerPSC 1114405-1037 dept page
Mundy, LeeProfessor and LMA Director and CRESST DirectorlgmATL 0203405-1529 dept page
Mushotzky, RichardProfessorrichardPSC 1154405-6853 dept page
Papadopoulos, K. DennisProfessorkpATL 2307405-1526 dept page
Richardson, DerekProfessordcrPSC 1112405-8786 dept page
Ricotti, MassimoAssociate ProfessorricottiPSC 1156405-5097 dept page
Sunshine, JessicaProfessor and SBG DirectorjessATL 1207F405-1045 dept page
Veilleux, SylvainProfessor and Optical DirectorveilleuxPSC 1109405-0282 dept page
Vogel, StuartProfessorvogelPSC 1164405-2134 dept page


Last, First Title E-mail Room Phone Website
Corcoran, MichaelLecturerMichael.F.Corcoran@nasa.govATL 0253286-5576
Griffin, SeanLecturerATL
Hamaguchi, KenjiLecturerkenji.hamaguchi@nasa.govATL 0253286-4970
Hayes-Gehrke, MelissaPrincipal Lecturer and Undergraduate Director/AdvisoravondalePSC 1208C405-1562 dept page
Hunt, JamesLecturerATL 1243
Livengood, TimAssociate Research ScientisttalivengoodNASA GSFC286-1552 dept page
Peel, AlanSenior LecturerpeelATL 1247405-6647 dept page
Sharma, SurjalalPrincipal Research ScientistsshATL 2319405-1528 dept page
Thomson, ErinDirector-College Park Scholarsemt211@umd.eduCEN 1217

Adjunct and Visiting Professors

Last, First Title E-mail Room Phone Website
Cenko, BradAdjunct Associate ProfessorbcenkoPSC 1101286-4678 dept page
Hu, ShoucunVisiting ProfessorshoucunPSC 1118 dept page
Joncour, IsabelleVisiting Associate ProfessorjoncouriATL 0207405-9896 dept page
Mumma, MikeAdjunct ProfessorNASA GSFC286-6994
Neufeld, DavidVisiting Professorneufeld@jhu.eduATL 1223516-8582 dept page
Reynolds, ChrisAdjunct

Research and Specialized Faculty

Last, First Title E-mail Room Phone Website
Achterberg, RichardAssociate Research ScientistrachterbergNASA GSFC286-1550 dept page
Allen, AliceFaculty SpecialistaallenATL 0231 dept page
Arnaud, KeithAssociate Research ScientistkaaNASA GSFC286-5857 dept page
Avanov, LevonPrincipal Research EngineerlavanovNASA GSFC286-8825 dept page
Barnes, TildenSenior Faculty Specialisttbarnes4ATL 1255405-2081 dept page
Bauer, JamesResearch ProfessorgerbsbATL 1245405-6218 dept page
Bennett, DavidVisiting Principal Research ScientistdbennettNASA GSFC286-5473 dept page
Bessho, NaokiAssociate Research ScientistnbesshoNASA GSFC286-8751 dept page
Bonnell, JerryVisiting Assistant Research ScientistjbonnellNASA GSFC286-1579 dept page
Bower, DinaVisiting Assistant Research ScientistdbowerNASA GSFC614-5786 dept page
Boyd, PatriciaVisiting Principal Research ScientistpboydPSC 1107286-2550 dept page
Buzulukova, NataliaAssociate Research ScientistnbuzulukovaNASA GSFC286-8961
Castillo, MarcoFaculty SpecialistmcastilloNASA GSFC286-4492 dept page
Che, HaihongAssistant Research ScientisthcheNASA GSFC286-5616 dept page
Chornay, DennisAssistant Research EngineerdchornayNASA GSFC286-2588 dept page
Cottini, ValeriaAssociate Research ScientistvcottiniNASA GSFC286-7932 dept page
Darg, DanielVisiting Senior Faculty Specialistddarg@umd.eduATL 1105405-3733
Edelson, RickVisiting Associate Research Scientistredelson  dept page
Eggen, JoeVisiting Senior Faculty SpecialistjeggenNASA GSFC286-4645 dept page
Elrod, MeredithAssistant Research EngineermelrodNASA GSFC286-5621 dept page
Eyermann, SarahVisiting Senior Faculty SpecialistseyermannNASA GSFC286-7412 dept page
Farnham, TonyPrincipal Research ScientistfarnhamATL 1207E405-3856 dept page
Feaga, LoriAssociate Research ScientistfeagaATL 1207C405-1383 dept page
Fixsen, DaleResearch ScientistdfixsenNASA GSFC dept page
Ganguly, SumanVisiting Research Scientist
Golla, ThejappaAssociate Research ScientistthejappaNASA GSFC286-3390 dept page
Hewagama, TilakAssociate Research ScientisttilakNASA GSFC286-9130 dept page
Hirsch, BenjaminFaculty SpecialistbenjhirschATL 1257405-3069 dept page
Hodges-Kluck, EdmundVisiting Assistant Research Scientisthodgeskl@umd.eduNASA GSFC286-3844
Huard, TracyAssistant Research ScientistthuardATL 0227405-2059 dept page
Hwang, UnaVisiting Assistant Research ScientistuhwangNASA GSFC534-3262 dept page
Immler, StefanAssociate Research ScientistsimmlerNASA GSFC286-0072 dept page
Jaffe, TheresaAssistant Research ScientisttjaffeNASA GSFC dept page
Kalapotharakos, ConstantinosAssistant Research Scientistkonstantinos.kalapotharakos@nasa.govNASA GSFC
Kazmierczak, JeanetteVisiting Faculty SpecialistjkazmierczakNASA GSFC286-2799 dept page
Kelley, MikeAssociate Research ScientistmskATL 1207B405-3796 dept page
Knight, MatthewAssociate Research Scientistmmk8aATL 1104405-2629 dept page
Knudson, ChristineFaculty SpecialistcknudsonNASA GSFC286-3526 dept page
Kolokolova, LudmillaPrincipal Research ScientistludmillaATL 1207D405-1539 dept page
Kostadinova, IvonaVisiting Senior Faculty Specialistikostadinova  dept page
Kotsiaros, StavrosVisiting Assistant Research ScientistskotsiarosNASA GSFC286-8241 dept page
Kutyrev, AlexanderAssociate Research ScientistakutyrevNASA GSFC286-2150 dept page
Lawton, PatVisiting Senior Faculty SpecialistplawtonATL 1102405-2579 dept page
Leamon, RobertVisiting Principal Research ScientistrleamonNASA GSFC286-3011 dept page
Livengood, TimAssociate Research ScientisttalivengoodNASA GSFC286-1552 dept page
Loewenstein, MichaelAssociate Research ScientistmloewensteinNASA GSFC286-3615 dept page
Lu, Yuxi (Lucy)Visiting Faculty Specialistlyx12311@umd.eduATL 0257
Lynch, ErinVisiting Faculty SpecialistATL 2367
Mamoutkine, AndreiVisiting Senior Faculty SpecialistmamoutkineATL 1246 dept page
Martos Martin, YasminaVisiting Assistant Research ScientistymartosNASA GSFC dept page
Mattson, BarbVisiting Principal Faculty SpecialistbmattsonNASA GSFC286-1243 dept page
McConnochie, TimAssistant Research Scientistmcconnoc GSFC351-1845 dept page
McLain, JasonAssistant Research ScientistjmclainNASA GSFC614-6910 dept page
Michell, RobertAssistant Research ScientistrmichellNASA GSFC286-5959 dept page
Milikh, GennadyPrincipal Research ScientistmilikhATL 2301405-1558 dept page
Mitchell, SaraVisiting Senior Faculty SpecialistsmitchellNASA GSFC286-4598 dept page
Moiseev, AlexanderPrincipal Research ScientistamoiseevNASA GSFC286-5581 dept page
Murphy, KyleVisiting Assistant Research Scientistkylemurphy.spacephys@gmail.comNASA GSFC286-5458
Nagdimunov, LevFaculty Specialistlnagdi1  dept page
Olling, RobertVisiting Assistant Research ScientistollingATL 0251 dept page
Pound, MarcPrincipal Research Scientistmpound@umd.eduATL 0225405-1520
Rauch, KevinAssistant Research EngineerrauchATL 0213405-4967 dept page
Raugh, AnnePrincipal Faculty SpecialistraughATL 1249405-6855 dept page
Reddy, FrankVisiting Principal Faculty SpecialistfreddyNASA GSFC286-4453 dept page
Requena Torres, MiguelVisiting Assistant Research ScientistmrequenaATL 0207405-9896 dept page
Rhoads, JamesVisiting Research ProfessorjrhoadsNASA GSFC286-0545 dept page
Richardson, IanAssociate Research ScientistirichardsonNASA GSFC286-3079 dept page
Rosborough, SaraVisiting Faculty SpecialistsrosboroughNASA GSFC286-6290 dept page
Sage, LeslieVisiting Principal Research ScientistlsagePSC 1101 dept page
Samuelson, RobertPrincipal Faculty SpecialistrsamuelsonNASA GSFC286-5978
Sankar, ShannonVisiting Assistant Research ScientistssankarNASA GSFC286-8241 dept page
Sasaki, MakotoAssociate Research ScientistmsasakiNASA GSFC286-0998 dept page
Segura, MarciaPrincipal Faculty SpecialistmseguraNASA GSFC286-6805 dept page
Sewilo, MartaVisiting Associate Research Scientistmarta.m.sewilo@nasa.govNASA GSFC286-5401
Shao, XiAssociate Research ScientistxshcnATL 2303405-7936 dept page
Share, GeraldVisiting Principal Research ScientistshareATL 1243 dept page
Sharma, SurjalalPrincipal Research ScientistsshATL 2319405-1528 dept page
Shaya, EdwardAssociate Research ScientisteshayaATL 0247405-2040 dept page
Soong, YangVisiting Principal Research ScientistysoongNASA GSFC286-6318 dept page
Tan, Lun-ChangSenior Faculty SpecialistltanNASA GSFC dept page
Teuben, PeterPrincipal Research ScientistteubenATL 0223405-1540 dept page
Tielens, AlexanderVisiting Research
Timokhin, AndreyVisiting Assistant Research ScientistatimokhinNASA GSFC433-1642 dept page
Troja, NoraAssociate Research Scientisteleonora@umd.eduNASA GSFC286-0941
Uprety, SirishFaculty Specialistsuprety  dept page
Warner, ElizabethPrincipal Faculty Specialist and Observatory DirectorwarneremATL 1251405-6555 dept page
Wellnitz, DennisPrincipal Faculty SpecialistwellnitzATL 1253405-1546 dept page
Whelley, NicoleFaculty SpecialistnwhelleyNASA GSFC286-7786 dept page
Whelley, PatrickVisiting Assistant Research ScientistpwhelleyNASA GSFC614-5129 dept page
Wolfire, MarkPrincipal Research Scientist and Computer Hardware ManagermwolfireATL 0229405-1538 dept page
Yang, Hsiang-Yi KarenVisiting Assistant Research ScientisthsyangPSC 1122405-6830 dept page

Postdocs and Faculty Assistants

Last, First Title E-mail Room Phone Website
Bastelberger, SandraPost-Doctoral AssociatebasandraPSC 1107 dept page
Bhattacharya, AparnaPost-Doctoral AssociateabhattacharyaNASA GSFC dept page
Brande, Jonathan (Yoni)Faculty AssistantjbrandeNASA GSFC dept page
Dahlin, JoelPost-Doctoral AssociateNASA GSFC
Dichiara, SimonePost-Doctoral Associatedichiara@umd.eduNASA GSFC
Graham, HeatherPost-Doctoral AssociatehgrahamNASA GSFC614-5490 dept page
Hanson, ElleFaculty Assistantelleh3113@gmail.comNASA GSFC
Hill, ShannonFaculty AssistantNASA GSFC
Hirao, YukiFaculty AssistanthiraoNASA GSFC dept page
Hogg, J. DrewPost-Doctoral AssociatedrewhoggATL 1241 dept page
Jiang, TianxingFaculty Assistant
Jing, Xin (Vicky)Post-Doctoral AssociatexjingATL 2366 dept page
Kara, ErinPost-Doctoral AssociateekaraPSC 1105 dept page
Khayat, AlainPost-Doctoral AssociateakhayatNASA GSFC614-5420 dept page
Koshimoto, NaokiPost-Doctoral AssociateNASA GSFC
Magill, JeffreyPost-Doctoral AssociateNASA GSFC
Malik, MatejPost-Doctoral Associatemalik@umd.eduPSC 1107
Michaely, ErezPost-Doctoral Associateerezmichaely@gmail.comPSC 1105
Ng, Jonathan(Wei Xiang)Post Doctoral Associatejonngwx@gmail.comPSC 1120
Richardson, JacobPost-Doctoral Associatejacob.a.richardson@nasa.govNASA GSFC
Roth, NathanielPost-Doctoral AssociatenrothPSC 1103 dept page
Ryan, GeoffreyPost-Doctoral Associate (JSI Fellow)gsryanPSC 1120 dept page
Saxena, PrabalPost-Doctoral Associateprabal.saxena@nasa.govNASA GSFC
Shuster, JasonPost-Doctoral AssociatejshusterNASA GSFC286-8943 dept page
Singer, LeoPost-Doctoral AssociatelsingerPSC 1103286-5439 dept page
Sugimura, KazuyukiPostdoctoral AssociatesugimuraPSC 1103 dept page
Thuillet, FlorianFaculty Assistant
Valencia, SarahPost-Doctoral AssociatesvalenciaNASA GSFC dept page
Vulic, NevenPost-Doctoral AssociatenvulicNASA GSFC661-2111 dept page
Wang, ShanPost-Doctoral AssociateswangPSC 1122352-4676 dept page
Williams, RossPost-Doctoral AssociaterwilliamsNASA GSFC dept page
van Velzen, SjoertPost-Doctoral AssociatesjoertPSC 1120 dept page

Graduate Students

Last, First Title Advisor E-mail Room Phone Website
Afrin Badhan, Mahmuda Graduate Student D.Deming afrin20m ATL 1241  dept page
Agrusa, Harrison Graduate Student hagrusa PSC 1238  dept page
Ahumada-Mena, Tomas Graduate Student tahumada PSC 1248  dept page
Crnogorcevic, Milena Graduate Student mcrnogor PSC 1248  dept page
Cunningham, Virginia Graduate Student Vogel vcunning ATL 1227  dept page
DeMartini, Joseph Graduate Student jdema PSC 1238  dept page
Dittmann, Alexander Graduate Student dittmann PSC 1260  dept page
Frederick, Sara Graduate Student Gezari sfrederick ATL 1239  dept page
Fu, Guangwei Graduate Student gfu PSC 1238  dept page
Gatkine, Pradip Graduate Student Veilleux pgatkine PSC 1248  dept page
Grell, Gabriel Graduate Student ggrell PSC 1248  dept page
Hammerstein, Erica Graduate Student ekhammer PSC 1238  dept page
Hartley, Blake Graduate Student bth ATL 1259 286-4970  dept page
He, Chongchong Graduate Student Ricotti chongchong PSC 1239  dept page
Holt, Carrie Graduate Student Sunshine carrieholt ATL 1227  dept page
Hord, Benjamin Graduate Student PSC 1260  dept page
Ih, Jegug Graduate Student jegugih PSC 1238  dept page
Kannan, Vignesh Graduate Student ATL 1257
Karim, Ramsey Graduate Student rkarim PSC 1248  dept page
Lenkic, Laura Graduate Student Bolatto llenkic ATL 1239  dept page
Levy, Rebecca Graduate Student Bolatto rlevy ATL 1227  dept page
Li, Jialu Graduate Student Harris jialu ATL 1237  dept page
Liu, Weizhe Graduate Student Veilleux lwz PSC 1260  dept page
Louie, Dana Graduate Student Deming danalouie ATL 1231  dept page
Marohnic, Julian Graduate Student marohnic PSC 1260  dept page
Mundo-Santiago, Sergio Graduate Student smundo PSC 1260  dept page
Park, Jongwon Graduate Student jwpark PSC 1238  dept page
Rimlinger, Thomas Graduate Student Hamilton rimlinger ATL 1237  dept page
Roberg-Clark, Gareth Graduate Affiliate Reynolds gareth  dept page
Rogoszinski, Zeeve Graduate Student Hamilton zero ATL 1235  dept page
Sheppard, Kyle Graduate Student D. Deming ksheppard ATL 1259  dept page
Smith, Robyn Graduate Student Veilleux rnsmith ATL 1235  dept page
Steele, Amy Graduate Student D. Deming asteele ATL 1229  dept page
Stone, Myra Graduate Student Veilleux mjstone PSC 1231  dept page
Tarantino, Elizabeth Graduate Student ejtino ATL 1231  dept page
Taylor, Corbin Graduate Student Miller cjtaylor ATL 1229  dept page
Teal, Graduate Student teal PSC 1260  dept page
Thackeray, Beverly Graduate Student bevette PSC 1260  dept page
Villanueva Llanos, Vicente Graduate Student vvillanu PSC 1248  dept page
Volpert, Carrie Graduate Student cvolpert PSC 1248  dept page
Ward, Charlotte Graduate Student charlotteward PSC 1238  dept page
Williams, John Graduate Student Affiliate


Last, First Title E-mail Room Phone Website
Cullinan, JohnBusiness Services Specialistjcullina@umd.eduPSC 1117405-1542
Dent, OliviaAssistant Director of Operationsodent@umd.eduPSC 1208F405-1512
Hansborough, BarbaraCoordinatorbarbarahPSC 1208405-1508 dept page
Harrison, EricaBusiness ManagerebentonNASA GSFC286-8370 dept page
Holdridge, DavidCRESST Program DirectordvhNASA GSFC286-7583 dept page
Katz, TemimaBusiness Managertkatz5PSC 1121405-3177 dept page
Kimbrell, DorindaDirector of Administrative ServiceskimbrellPSC 1125405-1511 dept page
Lehr, SusanCoordinator of Business ServiceslehrPSC 1115405-1507 dept page
McKenzie, EricConsultanteric  dept page
Pagan, AlyssaOffice Clerk IIapaganPSC 1121405-4505 dept page
Phillips, Mary AnnCoordinatormaryannPSC 1208E405-1505 dept page
Rauch, KevinAssistant Research EngineerrauchATL 0213405-4967 dept page
Rowe, NatalieBusiness ManagernarowePSC 1119405-1560 dept page
Susanto, Y. MonaBusiness ManagerysusantoPSC 1123405-6882 dept page
Wolfire, MarkPrincipal Research Scientist and Computer Hardware ManagermwolfireATL 0229405-1538 dept page

Student Workers

Last, First Title E-mail Room Phone
Benitez, 1224
Blume, RaechelTeaching Assistantrblume@umd.eduATL
Carvajal, VivianTeaching AssistantATL
Duck, AlisonTeaching Assistantaeduck@terpmail.umd.eduATL
Fields, MayaTeaching Assistantmfields4@umd.eduATL
Greklek-McKeon, MichaelTeaching Assistantmgreklek@terpmail.umd.eduATL
Harada, CalebTeaching Assistantcharada@terpmail.umd.eduATL
Hinkle, JasonTeaching Assistantjhinkle6@terpmail.umd.eduATL
Koester, KenTeaching Assistantkkoester@terpmail.umd.eduATL 1224
Lai, AmyStudent Office Assistantamylai99@umd.eduPSC 1113405-3001
Marks, JuliaTeaching Assistantjmarks@terpmail.umd.eduATL
Martin, Katherine (Kat)Student Office Assistantkdmartin@terpmail@umd.eduPSC 1208B405-3177
Schwartzman, EmmaTeaching Assistantesch44@umd.eduATL 1224
Truong, VivianStudent Office Assistantvivian.t523@gmail.comPSC 1113405-3001
Weatherly, SarahTeaching Assistantsweathe2@terpmail.umd.eduATL
Yates, EricTeaching Assistanteayates@terpmail.umd.eduATL 1224
Zohery, VivianGraduate Assistant I (PDS)vzoheryATL 1207


Location Room Phone
Conference Room 1PSC 1136405-4068
Conference Room 2PSC 1148405-6540
Conference Room 3ATL 1250
Conference Room 4PSC 1204
High-Frequency LabATL 1228/30
LMA Computer RoomATL 0220
LMA OfficeATL 0205405-1536
Mail RoomPSC 1113405-3001
Main Visitor's OfficePSC 1127
Observatory (department use only)Metzerott Rd935-4705
Observatory Information405-6555
Small Bodies Group OfficeATL 1207405-5024
Uco van Wijk LibraryATL 0246
Undergraduate Interaction RoomATL 1220
Visualization LabPSC 1244

FAX Numbers

Location Room FAX
Mail Room FaxPSC 1113314-9067

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