What is Known about Comet Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresak?

Not much is currently know about comet T-G-K. Best estimates of some properties are listed here.

Nucleus Physical Properties

Property Value Reference
Effective Radius ≲ 0.7 km Lamy et al. (2004) Comets 2, pp 223-264
Rotation Period 19.9 hr (early Mar)
24-27 hr (late Mar)
Complex rotation?
Rapid spin-down?
Geometric illusion?
Farnham et al. (2017) CBET 4375
Knight et al. (2017) CBET 4377
Spin Axis (RA,Dec) [150°,+35°] (approx) Farnham et al. (2017) CBET 4375
Water Production 2.7×1027 molec/s
(28 Mar)
TRAPPIST communication
Afρ 60 cm TRAPPIST communication
Active Fraction ≥ 4% Calculated from above

Other Phenomena

  • Exhibits significant outburst activity around perihelion on some, but not all of its apparitions.