New Cometary Insights from the Close Approach of 46P/Wirtanen: A Symposium in Celebration of Mike A'Hearn

August 6-8, 2019

Edward St. John Learning & Teaching Center
University of Maryland, College Park, MD

This meeting is a celebration of Mike's work in cometary science, and his spirit will be reflected in the tone of the gathering. While the presentations will be primarily about comet science, there will be some non-scientists joining us and more are welcome. Our intention is to disseminate results from the Wirtanen Campaign but also to have fun in the process.


Oral sessions will be held Tue (Aug 6) morning and afternoon, Wed (Aug 7) morning, Thu (Aug 8) morning and afternoon. An excursion is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.


Tony Farnham, Lori Feaga, Jessica Sunshine, Elizabeth Warner

Student travel support

We have a small amount of funding available to help support student travel. (The amount will depend on the number of valid requests we receive.) If you are interested in applying for this support, please send a 1-page application describing your student status, Institution, who you are working with, and what you intend to present. Applications are due by the July 12 registration deadline and can be emailed to

Michael F. A'Hearn
Mike at Kuiper Celebration. 2008

Mike checking out the incoming images from Deep Impact
Mike inspecting incoming images from Deep Impact, July 2005.