New Cometary Insights from the Close Approach of 46P/Wirtanen: A Symposium in Celebration of Mike A'Hearn


  • Abstracts requesting an oral talk are due on July 12. Submissions after that date are likely to be assigned poster status.
  • Oral talks 10-15 min (depending on # of requests)
    • If possible, we ask that speakers make some connection to Mike
      • Short personal story
      • How did Mike's work influence yours
      • How does your work build off Mike's
      • etc
    • Multiple talks accepted (1 oral, the rest poster)
    • Not restricted to studies of comet Wirtanen
      • Studies of other comets welcome
      • Reminiscences of Mike are welcome
    • Available hardware
      • 2 projectors
  • Posters will be up for the whole meeting
    • Dimensions: Posters should be no larger than 4 × 4 feet (1.22 × 1.22 meters). We recommend a size of 3.5 x 3.5 feet (1 × 1 meter).
    • Pushpins will be provided!
    • Locally print at
    • Posters may be mailed to
      • A'Hearn Symposium
        c/o UMD-Department of Astronomy
        1113 Physical Sciences Complex, Bldg. 415
        College Park, MD 20742
  • Contact us for any special needs!


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Participants are welcome to use the symposium logo and/or titlebar as part of their presentation:



We would like to encourage presenters to share PDF versions of their talks or posters. Please email them to We suggest using LASTNAME_brief-topic-or-title.pdf.